The President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko is sure that the current US policy is aimed at “putting down” Europe with one blow and getting to China through Russia, “trampling” the Russian Federation along the way.


“The Americans want to take down Europe in one blow, in one go, and get close to China through Russia. Naturally, trampling Russia. Well, unreal things, unreal. It seems that the military in America is not a fool, but it is absolutely unrealistic to launch such a war on such a front. Therefore, Volodymyr Zelenskyy is simply not given the opportunity – no matter what he says – he is not given the opportunity to establish a dialogue with the Russian Federation, ”Lukashenko said in an interview with Pavel Zarubin on Moscow, the Kremlin and Putin” on the channel “Russia 1”.

Lukashenko also recalled the situation with the rocket that fell in Poland.

“We see the whole of Ukraine. We have enough manpower and resources. We see what is happening in the air. This means that Zelensky continues this mess through Poland, deepens it, and escalates it… They are doing everything to escalate. This is disturbing. This suggests that the Americans strongly hold them for one place. Smart people don’t do that on their own,” the Belarusian leader said.

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Recall that on November 15, a rocket flew into Poland from Ukrainian territory, as a result of which two people were killed. At first, all Western media rushed to write that it was a Russian missile, but then Western politicians reluctantly admitted that it was a Ukrainian missile that allegedly flew into Poland by mistake.

Russia said that this situation indicated an unprecedented attempt to draw NATO countries into a direct military conflict in Ukraine.