Meet the NFL Network announcers calling Saturday’s Week 15 games, from Noah Eagle to Kurt Warner

NFL Network doesn’t many NFL games throughout the season. But once the college football regular season ends and a Saturday in December opens up, the league’s broadcast arm gets its time to shine.

The network will air a triple header of NFL games Saturday, structured much like Thanksgiving. It will begin with the Colts vs. Vikings at 1 pm ET, followed by Ravens vs. Browns at 4:30 pm ET and Dolphins vs. Bills at 8:15 p.m. ET.

Because a non-regular network is doing the broadcasting, that means a non-regular group of broadcasters will be on the call. NFL fans are used to having Jim Nantz and Tony Romo, or Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth calling national games, but NFL Network has its own stable of broadcasters.

Here’s a look at who will be calling each game, and some background for each broadcaster.

NFL Network Week 15 broadcasters

Colts vs. Vikings, 1 p.m

Play-by-play: Noah Eagle

The son of Ian Eagle will be on the call for this game in the early window.

Eagle the younger has called games for Fox this season, including 49ers vs. Falcons early in the year. The 25-year-old broadcaster has made his bones in the NBA, having called Clippers games since 2019.

He also called Chargers games in the preseason alongside Dan Fouts, so he’s no stranger to the booth. How will he handle being on a bigger stage?

Analysis: Nate Burleson

The former NFL wide receiver has been extremely fun on Nickelodeon broadcasts in the past, and he has worked with Eagle in that capacity as well. Burleson is a staple on NFL Network, and he is also a panelist on “The NFL Today” on CBS.

Burleson is a seasoned vet at this point, and his broadcasts have been as strong as his analysis appearances in the past.

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Ravens vs. Browns, 4:30 p.m

Play-by-play: Rich Eisen

NFL fans are no stranger to Eisen, who is perhaps most well-known for his annual 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine.

The former “SportsCenter” now hosts the immensely popular “Rich Eisen Show” on Sirius XM Radio, which is up for an Emmy award.

Eisen’s light, breezy personality has made his show immensely popular, and it translates well to NFL broadcasts. Eisen called the Buccaneers vs. Seahawks game in Munich for NFL Network earlier this year.

Analysis: Kurt Warner

Another NFL Network staple, the former NFL QB and Super Bowl winner will be Eisen’s boothmate.

Warner has been with NFL Network since 2010. He’s also the analyst for Westwood One’s “Monday Night Football” radio broadcasts.

Dolphins vs. Bills, 8:15 p.m

Play-by-play: Kevin Kugler

Kugler is a bit of a renaissance man. He does MLB for Fox while also working at the Big Ten Network as a college football and basketball broadcaster.

He and Mark Sanchez will be getting a prime-time opportunity Saturday, a change from the early-afternoon Fox games with which they’re usually saddled. Kugler is also the radio voice of the NCAA Tournament and Final Four, so for anyone wondering why that voice sounds so familiar, perhaps that will help.

Analysis: Mark Sanchez

Kugler’s normal NFL broadcast partner is getting the prime-time nod for Dolphins vs. Bills.

Sanchez knows these organizations well, having spent the early years of his career with the Jets in the AFC East. He has drawn positive feedback for his booth work; now, he’ll get his chance to shine with the national spotlight on him.