You know what gadgets pique your own interest, but choosing gadgets for others, especially with an age gap, can be a daunting task. Your mom already has a Kindle, and your nephew got a gaming console for his birthday, so what now? With literally thousands of options to choose from online and in-store, the task can seem impossible.

We shifted through the season’s newest tech items so you can pick a gadget this holiday season with confidence.

Razer Kishi V2

Smartphones Gaming Devices

Credit: Razer

Gaming consoles are notoriously big, bulky and inconvenient. The new Razer Kiski V2 allows anyone to turn their phone into a handheld console. This accessory stretches around your phone, providing the comfort and control you’d get from your favorite controller. Comes with microswitch buttons, analog triggers and programmable macros. Available for purchase at The Source ($129.99). It’s perfect for the gamer on your list or for someone looking to get into gaming — all the fun and interaction without needing a console. The model pictured is for an android; however, iPhone models are available, too.

Almond Cow

Nut Milk Machine

Credits: Almond Cow

This incredible gadget covers three bases: environmentally friendly, health-focused, and a revolutionary kitchen appliance. We’ve all heard that almond milk is wreaking havoc in the environment, but with the Almond Cow ($245), you can make nut milk at home and customize it to your specifications. On top of this, so many milk alternatives have nasty filler ingredients that are far from healthy or pronounceable. The device will pay off for any avid cook or coffee drinker.

Yu-mn Smart Jump Rope

Jump Ropes

Credit: Yu Mn Smart Rope

This gift would be a double score for a gadget lover and fitness junkie. The Yu-mn Smart Jump Rope ($35) is a lot more than a simple rope — it connects to the free Smart Rope app, which tracks your workout stats, calories burned, and exercise progress and lets you challenge others to a jump rope competition . A couple of minutes of skipping goes a long way in your workout regime, making it a great pick for those who have busy schedules or want some fun while exercising.

CurrentBody Skin LED Precision

Device LEDs

Credits: CurrentBody

You may have seen devices like this floating around social media or even enjoyed LED therapy yourself during a facial. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of LED therapy at home. The CurrentBody Skin LED Precision device ($169) is perfect for a beauty junkie or someone trying to increase their skincare regimen without splashing on pricy creams. LED therapy is a scientifically backed skincare treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with zero pain or downtime. Just skim the device over your face for three minutes a few times a week. The site also has larger masks and devices, but this one is compact and could be taken traveling.

MagSafe Battery Pack

Portable Chargers

Credits: Apple

Every friend group or family has someone who never has their phone charged. With those simple gadgets, they can stay charged all day. Apple has expanded their very handy MagSafe line by adding a portable battery pack ($119). The are no fussy cords, and the device is super secure on your phone. It charges quickly and also retains its power impressively. The magnetized circle on the back of the phone case has loads of other benefits if you want to combine the gifts.

Asobu Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Portable Coffee Maker

Credit: Asobu

The Asobu Insulated Portable Brewer ($71.99) is an innovative brewing method that will change the game for those who love coffee and are always on the go. Compared to other similar gadgets, the Asobu device is the most convenient option because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Both the brewer and mug are compatible with hot coffee and tea, making this the ultimate all-season brewer.

By Skypiea