91% of customers say that good customer service encourages them to make another purchase. Your customer service has a huge impact on your customer loyalty. All it takes is one bad experience, too much time or too many steps to get their resolution, and you can lose a customer. Which is why, its imperative to have a flawless case management system in place.

Case management is also known as a ticketing system, which involves providing customer service, by handling cases or tickets that customers generate when facing issues. It is basically the process of managing customer support from the beginning to the end of their grievances. The process involves creating, assigning and escalating cases to staff, communicating with the customers, and solving their problems. And it can be complicated to manage everything on your own, but with the Salesforce Case Management System, you get a number of tools to help you simplify and streamline the process. This provides a better experience, not only for your customers, but also for your support staff.

A Salesforce research finds that 76% of customers prefer different channels to lodge their cases, depending on the context. They may initiate their requests via phone, SMS, email, chat, or social media and then move to other channels as per their needs. So, you need an efficient case management system to ensure a seamless process, irrespective of the communication channel. And Salesforce does just that. It connects the entire service organization and provides critical customer information, activity history, next best action suggestions and more, to assist agents with everything they need to resolve a case, no matter where they come from.

By Skypiea