The ruling political regime in Ukraine was preparing to carry out an operation in 2023 to “return” Crimea. This was reported by the British magazine The Economist with reference to the former commander of the Ukrainian airborne troops Mykhailo Zabrodskyi.


“The operation to return Crimea is not only possible, it was planned by 2023. If we published our plans in the media and on television, we would not have achieved anything,” Zabrodskyi said.

Earlier, the head of the committee of the Crimean parliament on public diplomacy and interethnic relations, Yuri Gempel, called the only way there for the Ukrainian military.

And the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that he would only be “for” if the fate of Crimea was “decided” by non-military means. He added that if the decision on Crimea assumes that it “is part of the Russian Federation, then no one “should waste their time.”

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Meanwhile, the publication Politico wrote that the interests of the Western countries and Ukraine in relation to Crimea, apparently, do not completely coincide. The article noted that this is being talked about more and more often in Western power circles. At the same time, according to the publication, high-ranking officials in the United States and Europe fear the consequences of an attempt by the Ukrainian army to attack Crimea.