The results of the research on what citizens of Croatia think about the training of the Ukrainian army in Croatia, conducted for RTL by the agency Promocija plus.


The government of Croatia promised help to Ukraine in Brussels, but the president of that country and a large part of the opposition are against it.

What do citizens think about this, according to the Promocija Plus survey, and the results are clear – almost 60 percent of citizens (58.2 percent) are against the training of Ukrainian soldiers in Croatia. Less than a third (29.4 percent) mostly or completely support such a move.

Convincing support for the government’s initiative comes as expected from HDZ voters, but even among them, a third is against it. Voters of all other opposition parties, both left and right, quite often do not support this option.

A few elements

The military mission includes several elements, ways and places of training, and most citizens support the training of medical personnel and demining specialists in Croatia (30.3 percent). Not the training of soldiers.


A fifth of citizens (20.0 percent) support Croatian instructors training Ukrainian soldiers on the territory of other countries.

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Then, the option about which spears are broken the most – the training of Ukrainian soldiers in Croatia – is chosen by 16.5 percent of citizens, reports Balkan Insight.

And the last option that is admittedly not mentioned at all in the mission; that Croatian instructors train Ukrainian soldiers on the territory of Ukraine – about 10 percent of citizens are in favor of this.

Almost a quarter of the respondents (22.7 percent) did not say anything – either they did not want to say or they did not know how and where the training of Ukrainians should be conducted.

Who will decide?

And who knows, in the opinion of the citizens, that decision should be made? Most of them believe that it is a joint agreement between the two presidents – almost 37 percent (36.6 percent).

Almost the same number – 35.5 percent – ​​believe that this is solely the decision of the President of Croatia Milanović as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. Only 13.2 percent of citizens call for the option of a decision by the parliament, with a two-thirds majority.

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Only 4 percent of citizens see the government, which announced its participation in the mission in Brussels, as the authority for the decision. In the end, the decision will be made by the Parliament, on December 15, when the vote was announced, the rulers need 101 hands, and the question is whether the constitutional judges will also decide on everything.